Dear first semester students of the Faculty of Economics and Media,

now you are officially "WMler"!

We are very happy to welcome you at the TU Ilmenau and our faculty. During the first months of your studies we don't want to leave you standing alone, because many things will be new for you.

Therefore you will be supervised by tutors during this time. They will introduce you to campus life and show you everything here on site.

Studying does not only mean learning for the subject, but also to a certain extent developing and managing yourself. Besides all these things there is of course also time to try out the leisure activities like clubs and societies ;)

At you can find all the important information, as well as the supporting program, the Ersti-Woche.

If problems arise in the course of your studies, we as the student council will be happy to answer your questions.

We wish you good luck for your start into your studies!