Apply for project funding

One of the tasks of the StuRa is to support projects that benefit students from the fees paid by the students. If you still need money for a project that will enrich several students, we are happy to support you.

What are we funding?

In general, all student projects in which a benefit for the student body is recognizable. This includes cultural events, lectures, trips to trade fairs, sports events ...

  • Funded projects should comply with the principles of economy and thrift.
  • We do NOT support economic projects (e.g. sales) and the serving of alcoholic beverages.

How do we fund?

The most common model is risk promotion. This means that a guarantee is given for an agreed amount, and after the event has taken place, a check is made on the basis of the statement of account to see how much is paid out by us, but at most the previously agreed amount.

In justified individual cases, advance payment or a loan is also possible. We also provide material support.

  • The first point of contact is the Department Finances. This is where we discuss whether and which funding opportunities exist.
  • The next step is to prepare a written application. This will be submitted to the StuRa for voting. Further information can be found here.
  • Important for new projects:
    For a successful funding application, you should contact the Finance Department at least six weeks prior to the event.
  • Important for regularly repeating projects:
    For a successful grant application, you should contact the Finance Department at least three weeks prior to the event.

Part of the funding agreement is that the StuRa logo will be displayed on all promotional materials as well as event and/or project related communication on the internet.

What remains to be done after the project?

In order for the funding to be paid out, we need proof that it has been used properly. Therefore, a statement of account should be prepared after the event. The deadline for this is 6 months, after which the grant will expire. In justified cases, an extension of the deadline can be granted; this must be applied for and justified in writing, and will then be voted on by the StuRa.


Notes and Guidelines