Sports, Environment & Health


The Department Sports, Environment and Health (Referat Sport, Umwelt & Gesundheit (SUG)) works closely with student sports clubs and the University Sports Centre. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact us at any time.

As our university is a member of the General German University Sports Association (AdH), we organise competitions on our campus and support you in participating in student competitions in Germany and abroad. In addition, we organise the annual "Ersti Sports Festival" in October and the Christmas tournament. We also support you in planning and financing sports events.

And "last but not least" we lend out balls (volleyball, basketball, soccer) and supervise the bicycle self-help workshop - the key and further information is available at the StuRa office.

In addition, since 2008, SUG has been dealing with many issues related to sustainable and environmentally conscious living at university and at home. There are many projects that are being worked on in this area, for example:

  • Fair and healthy meals in the mensa
  • Green electricity for students
  • Waste separation and disposal on campus and at home
  • Workshops and lectures on environmental topics
  • Compliance with environmental standards at the university

Head of Department

  • Anne Zerbst
    • Leiter:in
    Biomedizintechnik (dep. IA)
    Enrolled 2021
  • Falk Matthes
    • stellv. Leiter:in
    Maschinenbau (dep. MB)
    Enrolled 2020