As representative of the students the Students Councill has not only to defend the opinion of the students towards the university and other people, it has also the task t of being transparent with regard to the self-understanding. To meet this requirement the department “Public Relations” publishes during the lecture time the so called “StuBla” (formerly StuRapport) to give an insight into current issues concerning the campus or the study situation in general. The brochure is published several times during the semester and every student can feel free to contribute.

Once the “StuBla” is printed you can find it in the canteen on the tables, here on the website and of course on several other places such as the basement of house A, Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum, Audimax etc. If you don’t get one you can come to our office and receive it there.

If you have any questions with respect to the content, if you like to leave a  comment, criticism, if you have ideas and so on feel free to contact the department “Public Relations”.