City Issues


Maximilian Ermisch

We, Maximilian Ermisch, Marcel Prager, Christine Dietz, Wiebke Henriette Reckmann, Erik Rothamel and Aatu Juhani Kunnari, are the city department in the 2019/2020 legislature.

Our task is to represent the interests of the students in Ilmenau to the city in close cooperation with the student council (Studierendenbeirat) of the city of Ilmenau and to promote better cooperation between city and campus.
For this purpose we send our members through the student council to the various committees of the city. We do not have the right to vote, but we can keep an eye on what is happening in the city and, through our right to have a say, we can contribute the ideas and views of the students.

This information is then regularly passed on to the StuRa and other committees. We find the participation of students in municipal decision-making processes essential in order to continue to have an Ilmenau in which we all want to live and study.

One project we are busy with every year, which I am sure many of you already know well, is the student grant. Students who are registered in Ilmenau can receive a subsidy of 80€, if up to 31.12 over 2000 students re-register even 100€.

But also in other areas we try to profile Ilmenau as a university town in the cultural, sportive and social area and to merge the city life with the campus life.
If you are interested in dealing with communal issues or would like to see more links between city and campus, please contact us.

We are always open for new faces and ideas!

Head of Department

  • Maximilian Ermisch
    • Leiter:in
    EIT (dep. EI)
    Enrolled 2016
  • Erik Rothamel
    • stellv. Leiter:in
    Wirtschaftsinformatik (dep. WM)
    Enrolled 2018