A warm "Hello!" from the Student Council for Economics and Media - FSR WM for short

On the following pages you will find information about our current members and how you can contact us. There you will also find the dates for our weekly meetings.

We are always available for questions and comments!

What is the student council?

The student council is a subordinate body of the StuRa. Each faculty has its own "FSR". It consists of eight members who are elected every summer. Furthermore there are additional "active" members. Anyone who wants to get involved can become an active member. Check it out!

What does the student council do?

Students help students, that is our motto.

Often we understand your problems better than the university or the faculty, so we can pass them on better.

We exchange information with the other student councils, the StuRa and other committees and can therefore better place your problems in the right places.

But not only then are we there for you:

  • we are representatives towards the university and the faculty,
  • take care of the staffing of various committees (e.g. the audit committee) and
  • organize the book bazaar, the student council parties for WM and the pub crawling.