Alessa Serena Veronique Lange

It is possible to borrow several items from the StuRa. The conditions for this are regulated by our lending regulations. For a request, please fill out the application form (fillable PDF) completely and send it by e-mail to ausleihe@stura.tu-ilmenau.de. The StuRa's lending officers will contact you regarding approval and the amount of the deposit (if applicable).

Borrowable Items

  • 0,5l cup
  • 0,2l cup
  • Beer table set (1x table, 2x benches)
  • pavilion (3 m x 4,5 m)
  • Lever cutting board for paper
  • long arm stapler/tacker
  • Laminator (A4/A3)
  • Digital radios
  • Barcode scanner
  • Lighting technology
  • Heavy current technology
  • Youth hostel card
  • Mulled wine stove
  • Coffee machine (large and small)
  • Grill


  • Submit the request at least 2 weeks before the lending. The determination and deposit of the deposit takes time and is done in any case before issuing inventory.
  • Only in exceptional cases will applications submitted later be processed.
  • If the field for the project description is not large enough, please write it in the mail with which you submit the application.
  • The project description must demonstrate a benefit for students at TU Ilmenau.
  • You can also borrow inventory as a private person (if you meet ยง 2 of the lending regulations). To do so, please ignore the field "club/committee" in the application.
  • If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

Forms and rules


  • Alessa Serena Veronique Lange
    • Ausleihbeauftragte/r
    EPCE (dep. EI)
    Enrolled 2020
  • Fabia Kohlhoff
    • Ausleihbeauftragte/r
    EIT Diplom (dep. EI)
    Enrolled 2019