How can you contact us?

Do you feel unfairly treated or judged? Or have other concerns?
Then send us an e-mail to  or drop by at our meeting!

You can also reach us through our Instagram channel, feel free to drop by!

(Financial) support

You want support for a student project?

Feel free to contact us and present the project at one of our meetings!

In order to have a better overview of the project, the following will help us:

  • An overview with the most important key data (target group, members, event period etc.)
  • Milestones of the project
  • A financial plan (with alternatives due to restrictions e.g. Covid-19)

If you are still at the beginning of your project and have not yet worked out these overviews, this is no problem. However, before you present your project to us, please ask yourselves what you expect from us.

We are looking forward to the presentation of your project ideas!

You want to get involved? Then get involved!

You want to change something yourself and stand up for your fellow students? We meet weekly during the lecture period!

Our weekly meeting takes place every Tuesday, 05:00 pm, currently via WebEx

Just drop by! Visits do not commit you to anything :)