Awareness Concept


Antonia Sara Zimmermann

The StuRa's awareness concept template was developed in cooperation with student initiatives in the TU Ilmenau area and is intended to help other initiatives to develop their own awareness concepts. The concept template is to be regularly reviewed and adapted according to practical experience.

This concept template should not be regarded as a complete concept, as the concrete reference and implementation instructions for specific events cannot be dealt with here. The StuRa of the TU Ilmenau provides some basic principles - these should then be used to implement specific concepts for your own events. These are well-founded recommendations intended to facilitate the individual work of the initiatives in researching and preparing a concept. Of course, it is possible and desirable to adapt, supplement or discard the contents of this document as required. In some places, this template should merely serve as food for thought. The aim is to ensure that all concepts for events in Ilmenau are comparable and follow an identical basic catalog. On the one hand, this should make it easier for initiatives to find (external) awareness team members and support each other across organizations. In addition, guests at events can find help more easily if the help offered and availability are known across all events.

Our approach to awareness is constantly changing, as the topic is always closely linked to current events, language and social discourse. Together with all initiatives/associations, we always try to keep this concept up to date and continuously improve it. It is important to understand that the StuRa only acts as an organizer of events in a few, specifically named exceptions. When developing and updating this template, we can only draw on limited practical experience. Therefore, when using this concept template, we would like to see an active examination of current and relevant awareness topics as well as the specific challenges of the event under consideration. We also welcome any feedback after an event has been completed.

Situations often develop very quickly and individually. The StuRa cannot guarantee that all cases will be dealt with using the methods or schemes described here. There is no guarantee that they will be applied appropriately at all. For this reason, appropriate training is required for all awareness services.