Refund of the Semester Fee

Ten euros of your semester fee per semester go to the student council. However, if for some reason you are not able to complete your semester as planned, you can reclaim this amount.

Reasons for refunds

You can get your share of the student council refunded for the following reasons:

  • you have registered a semester off
  • you have been exmatriculated
  • you have applied for a place at the TU Ilmenau and have been accepted, but you have renounced this place

Application for a refund

To apply for a refund, please fill out the refund application form linked here and hand it over in time (if you have been exmatriculated, at the latest one month after the start of the semester, otherwise before the start of the semester) to the Finance Department - for this purpose you can either contact them by e-mail or simply drop the letter in the StuRa mailbox (House A or Max-Planck-Ring 7) or send it by post. The department of finances will then contact you.