Bringing sustainability into the consciousness of university members – this is the goal of the StuRa's Sustainability Working Group (WG) founded in May 2023. Through a variety of actions and projects, people should be encouraged to critically question their actions and lifestyle. A shift in thinking towards sustainable behavior, ecologically and socially compatible technologies and resilient structures is necessary, especially at universities, to promote sustainable developments in the long term. Together we can mitigate climate change and create better coexistence – locally as well as globally.

We see ourselves as a platform for students who are

  • interested in the topic,
  • want to discuss in an interdisciplinary way
  • would like to contribute wishes and criticism on the topic of sustainability on campus life,
  • want to support various activities or
  • >would like to implement their own projects.

Feel free to contact us via our email address and get involved at our tri-weekly meetings.

Past projects

Other actions, ideas and goals

  • Garbage collection during the Kickelhahn hike during freshman week (ErstiWoche),
  • Sustainability Days every semester in the foyer of the Mensa Ehrenberg (next date: 29 & 30 November 2023),
  • more clothing swap events,
  • establish a Green Office on the campus (Green Office movement),
  • community garden on campus,
  • workshops and lectures on environmental topics,
  • more vegan and vegetarian meals in the dining halls and cafeterias,
  • sustainable procurement and resource management in university operations and research,
  • education and research that serve society,
  • compliance with environmental standards at the university,
  • ...