Benedikt Florian Oppeneiger

Studies shouldn’t only consist of going to university, learning and sleeping, because especially here in Ilmenau you have – in contrast to other university cities – a lot of possibilities to contribute to the student's life in your leisure time. A few of these associations are for example “Ilmenauer Studentenclub e.V.” (ILSC),“Bergfest e.V.” and “Kulturelle Koordinierung” (cultural coordination) with its work groups. These associations exist similarly to the Students Council from voluntary work and the precept to offer its members and the students an attractive and many-faceted proposition. On the homepages of the various associations you can read more about bygone and upcoming events.

The task of the department “culture” is to answer questions like “where can I get rooms for rehearsing, how can I get rooms that we can afford, how do I plan events right, who is responsible and where can something like that take place” etc. 

Of course does the Students Council plan and organize cultural events and parties itself, for example the SAP (party at the beginning of the term), which normally takes place in the city hall of Ilmenau. Such big events can’t be organized and performed by the department without any support. That’s why we are dependent on your help. If you have time and you’d like to support us just come along and ask.

SAP and MenSAParty

The (big) SAP (party at the beginning of the term) is a project of the student clubs in Ilmenau (ILSC) and the Students Council. Every single year in October the winter term starts with good music from popular bands in the city hall of Ilmenau. The department “Culture” is responsible for the efficient communication between the clubs and the Students Council.

At the beginning of every term also the so called MenSAParty takes place. Organized by the Students Council (in the summer terms often in cooperation with the HSF student’s radio) this uncommon and well-attended party in the campus canteen has developed to an established an indispensable event. The department “Culture” is responsible for planning and executing the mentioned parties.

Head of Department

  • Benedikt Florian Oppeneiger
    • Leiter:in
    TKS (dep. IA)
    Enrolled 2017
  • Erik Rothamel
    • stellv. Leiter:in
    Wirtschaftsinformatik (dep. WM)
    Enrolled 2018
  • Ismail Farooq
    • stellv. Leiter:in
  • Karl Richard Richter
    • stellv. Leiter:in
    EIT (dep. EI)
    Enrolled 2021
  • Moritz Abel
    • stellv. Leiter:in
    Wirtschaftsinformatik (dep. WM)
    Enrolled 2018