The IT Department


Marc Schlagenhauf

The Department of Information Technology (IT) takes care of all information processing systems of the student body. This includes technical and administrative support as well as user training.

The unit was established in 2006 and aims to combine the resources and competences in the field of IT of the student body from the student council and the departmental councils.

We thank the developers of free software and the authors of open standards for their work. Furthermore, we thank the University Computing Centre of the TU Ilmenau and the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e. V. for their active support and good cooperation.


Among other things, the department is the contact for the following technical devices and services of the student body:

  • Locking system in the basement of House A
  • Computer workstations and data network in the rooms of the student body and the student councils
  • Telephone system in the office of the student council
  • printing and scanning in the basement of House A
  • central data storage with backup (Nextcloud)
  • Committees Wiki (DokuWiki)
  • Event calendar (Nextcloud)
  • Surveys (LimeSurvey)
  • website (apart from editorial design)
  • Election software


Head of Department

  • Marc Schlagenhauf
    • Leiter:in
    Ingenieurinformatik (dep. IA)
    Enrolled 2017
  • Jennifer Graul
    • stellv. Leiter:in
    Informatik (dep. IA)
    Enrolled 2017
  • Lukas Staab
    • stellv. Leiter:in
  • Uday Kumar Reddy Kaipa
    • stellv. Leiter:in
    Master (dep. IA)
    Enrolled 2022