Student Grant 2023


Every year, the city of Ilmenau pays out the student grant to students who have registered their main place of residence in Ilmenau and have registered on time. Secure your student grant by 31.12.2023!

Currently, 80 € are paid per registered student, but this amount will be increased to 100 € if more than 2000 students have registered by the end of the registration period (31.12.).

The student grant will be transferred by 31.03. at the latest to the bank account you specify on registration.


I already registered for the grant last year, is that not enough?

No, the grant must be applied for every year.


I have registered my main residence in Ilmenau, how can I apply for a grant?

You can apply between 01.10. and 31.12. each year. The following link will take you to the registration form:


I do not yet have a main residence in Ilmenau, but would still like to receive the subsidy.

You are only eligible for the student grant if you have really registered your main residence in the city of Ilmenau (including all its districts). We have compiled a small FAQ for you, which you have to pay attention to when re-registering.


What are the benefits of a main residence in Ilmenau?

In addition to the student grant, a main residence in Ilmenau also gives you the opportunity to participate in political life in Ilmenau and Thuringia. This means that as a German citizen you can help shape your life and your future here with your vote in the upcoming state and local elections (city council, mayor, district council, district administrator).

If you have any questions, please contact the city department directly by e-mail:

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