The tasks of the student body are diverse. Paragraphs 79 to 82 of the Thuringian Higher Education Act provide us with the framework for what we should do and promote. Section 80 (1) (Tasks of the student body) in particular forms the basis for the activities of the student council and the faculty student councils. It states:

The student body has the following tasks:

  1. Representation of all students at the university within the scope of its legal powers,
  2. To represent the political interests of the students,
  3. To represent the professional, social and cultural interests of the students,
  4. Promoting political education and a sense of civic responsibility among students,
  5. Promotion of voluntary student sports, insofar as the university is not responsible for this,
  6. Promoting the integration of foreign students,
  7. fostering supra-regional and international student relations.

The statutes of the student body build on this basis and regulate the exact structure for the student body of our university.