Deutschland-Ticket Upgrade

The semester ticket can be extended to a Deutschland-Ticket (D-Ticket) upon application and by paying the remaining monthly amount. You can apply for this via the Deutsche Bahn subscription portal. In the following, we will explain the possibilities that this ticket upgrade offers you and how you can order it.

You can book the upgrade up to eight working days (Monday to Friday) before the start of the month of validity (e.g. for August 2023 by 19 July at the latest) via the Deutsche Bahn subscription portal. To do so, you will probably have to upload a picture of your Thoska and the current imprint on it every semester. The ticket price will be collected via SEPA direct debit. Please note that the upgrade is also a subscription and you have to cancel it actively if you don't want it anymore!

You can find more information on the website of the Studierendenwerk.

How is the price determined?

Summer 2023
Price Deutschland-Ticket 49.00 €
Price semester ticket (per month) 8.25 €
Price D-Ticket Upgrade 40.75 €

Order the D-Ticket Upgrade

You will need the following things:

Open the order website in the Deutsche Bahn subscription portal by clicking the button above. In the "Erster Geltungstag" (first day of validity) field, select the date from which you would like to use the ticket and then click on "Personalien eingeben" (enter personal details).

Now enter your personal data. The fields marked with a red asterisk are required. Then click on "Zur Reisenden Person" (about the traveler).

Choose whether you want to use the ticket yourself and upload a scan or photo of the student ID (thoska) that matches the person using it. You can also upload a photo of yourself. However, this is not mandatory. Then you can continue with a click on "Zur Zahlung" (to the payment).

Now enter your IBAN, accept the SEPA direct debit mandate and click on "Bestellung prüfen" (check order).

Now check once again whether all the details are correct, accept the terms of contract and submit the application by clicking on "Jetzt kaufen" (buy now).

Your application will now be processed by Deutsche Bahn. This may take some time.